Personal, San Diego Comic Con

I’m not going to go into much details because things always change but I can tell you a few for sure.

I will be at Preview Night! If you see me, say hello! If you can, be sure to mention the blog that way I don’t look at you with a “WTF?” face.

Thursday I will be at the Michael Ausiello Party, as will Erin. If you see us, say hello. I know a few of you on Twitter will be there as well. If you see a short girl doubling up on drinks, that’s me.

Friday I’ll be attending the “Psych” event at The Nerd HQ. I’d much rather pay $20 that goes to a charity then waste time in line. This is how I know I’m old.

Saturday I will be attending the “Being Human” panel. This is my only “OMGZ MUST SEE” panel this year for me. If I don’t make it in because of people for other shit later in the day, you’ll know it. I’ll be attending the San Diego Zombie Walk too. I’ll be receiving a Zombie makeover and I am beyond excited for it. I mean, most people need to be bitten first! I’m that special.

As always, keep an eye on Twitter. I’ve been tweeting the entire trip and don’t plan to stop.

FYI, this is Barb. I know the post has the author at the bottom but I’m sure some people don’t pay attention to that. 😉

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