What Are You Looking Forward To?

San Diego Comic Con

Now that the schedules have been released, what are you looking forward to? Are you all about the panels, or more about the signings? Do you find yourself skipping more panels this year? or maybe attending more? Did anything surprise you as far as the panels? Maybe your surprised by something that wasn’t listed!

Let us know in the comments!


  • The last time I attended the Doctor Who and Supernatural panels clashed, so I am excited this year they are one after the other. I’ve never braved Hall Hell in the past, but it looks like this year I take the plunge!

  • I’m actually looking forward to exploring more and not tying myself to a set “schedule”. 😀 I’m excited…

  • I’m looking forward to the Cowboys & Aliens premiere — if I can get into it. haha

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  • I am really excited about the video game demos (Mass effect 3 especially) and after parties/ events (w00tstock especially)

  • Gee…doesn’t anybody go to Comic-Con for COMICS anymore? Looking forward to all the DC panels….disappointed that there aren’t more! Oh well, that just means more time spent roaming the floor!

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