Getting Around The Blog


I just wanted to take a break to help everyone find their way around When Nerds Attack. As it gets closer to San Diego Comic Con you might be looking for certain information and hopefully this will help you find it.

You’ll see in the upper corner area of the blog a search box. I’m not going to go into detail because it’s pretty self explanatory!

You’ll notice in the sidebar a “Tags” area. If you click on one of the tags it’ll take you to all the posts that featured that tag. If the tag is large that means it has a higher number of posts, if it’s a bit smaller that means that there’s been a post or two. An example is the “Exclusives” tag which is huge compared to the “WB” tag.

Again, pretty self explanatory. The archives feature the last 30 posts plus it lists the categories and monthly archives.

In order to save sidebar space the “Categories” are contained in a drop down menu. I’ll probably end up redoing them soon but most of them aren’t going anywhere. A few samples are “Events,” “Panels,” “Exclusives,” and “SDCC Tips/Info.”

The Main Page:
The front page has a few different areas. The first posts you see are the “Featured” post. We have control over what is seen here by using tags and telling the theme which tags to use. Since we’re getting closer to the main event, we have the “Exclusives” tag and “Panels” tag set up to show here. That means any posts featuring those tags will show up in the “Featured” box. Those posts stay there until they are either bumped off by a new post or if we change the tags. Then we have “Latest News” which is where you’ll see the posts as they’re published. Basically any new post will show up in this box. Then last but not least we have “Most Popular” which is based on the number of comments a post has.

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