I Love My Costume!

San Diego Comic Con

Now that I have my costume I’m even more excited for San Diego Comic Con. The lovely SmarmyClothes did an amazing job. It fits perfectly, it’s comfortable and it’s awesome.

I’ve had a few people ask when I plan on wearing it. It’s probably going to be either Saturday or Sunday depending on how busy I am and what’s planned for those days. I’ll be sure to send out a tweet though when I wear it! If you see me feel free to come up! If you mention the blog I might have a little surprise for you! This is my first time though which means bear with me. I don’t consider myself a people person and this will put me way out of my comfort zone. That’s one reason why I’m doing this though!

In case you missed it, I’ll be dressing up as The Green Hornet! And no, you aren’t going to get a sneak peak!

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