Got the Resale Tix? Did not? TELL US!

San Diego Comic Con

With the weekend arriving we would like to dedicate this space for all of those who either purchased tickets or failed at this to post about it here. We want to hear what you have to say and if you have any praises for the CCI people for providing you with the opportunity or maybe some advice & suggestions on how the tickets can run smoother next time please feel free to post in the comments below.


  • My friend was luckily number #300 something and got tix but I clicked the link at 10:04 and was #3200 something. Glad she got them, I had asked to upgrade a senior pass I bought for my mom to an adult pass for her a while ago and just received an email response back today. (No go, but I could change the name to another senior. lol)

  • I was number #1209 and I got 1 ticket for my friend. YAY!!

    It took 45 minutes of waiting, but the numbered waiting system made it MUCH better.

  • I was #844 I had clicked in at 10:00:11seconds and from Canada. I knew there was 1500 tickets available so I felt confident that I had a chance. I love the new waiting system it was smooth sailing from there.

  • My friend and I live in LA, so we don’t need flights.

    I booked a room though because I had a good feeling that we were going to get her a ticket somehow.

  • I was all up in the website’s grill to await the announcement for the 4-day tickets (I had to buy 3 single day tickets on the original day) but then we learned that if you bought single day tickets you can pick them all up on Thursday. So I had no idea when the resale tickets went on sale at all.

    All I know is that as soon as we get our tickets on Thursday, we’re heading straight to the line to buy tickets for 2012. Forget the website purchasing.

  • You are sooo right about buying next years tickets NOW! We wound up purchasing one badge for each of the four separate days too, because of the “ticket debacle”. Great news about being able to pick up all four days in one shot…I e-mailed to ask if we could trade them in for the four day pass…but don’t hold out much hope. This makes it all a little bit better. We DID book our hotel before we got tickets – figured we would find something else to do in California if we failed to get SDCC badges. The good news on that is we are VERY close to the Con – and the price wasn’t bad. You’ll need to book VERY early, because alot of the hotels “blocked” out the Con dates in advance of the big on-line booking event….another debacle, from what I’ve been hearing!

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