SDCC Exclusive: DC Direct’s Professor ZOOM


After coming onto the exclusives scene back in SDCC ’08 DC Direct has been putting out a select figure that was themed at whatever property they were hyping at the moment. “08 we had a Batman and Joker figure lot, ’09 brought us the holy grail of DC Direct collectors in the form of the Hal Jordan Corp featuring the iconic Green Lantern sporting various colors, 2010 debuted a few Brightest Day figures as well as a Batman variant from the hit video game Arkham Asylum.

And now we shall see ZOOOOOOOOOOM! The vile villain behind this summer’s mega event Flashpoint! Limited to 4000 pieces this figure should be easy to come by so hopefully we shall not see any crazy lines with blind ticket grabbing in order to purchase one from DC Direct’s retailer of choice, Graphitti Designs, who themselves are the source of many amazing tee shirts that grace the wardrobe of The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon.

We will keep you updated should there be any more exclusives

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