Another Sketch!


I think I’m done on the number of sketches I want. I think two is enough for a first timer. If you remember I posted about my first sketch a few months ago and I’ve now pre-ordered my second.

I don’t remember how I came across him. I’m thinking it was probably Twitter. It seems that you can pretty much find anything on Twitter. The reason I wanted a sketch is because he does a nice little twist on the typical super hero. He sketches Steampunk versions!

Steampunk Supergirl 1876 by ~doonboy on deviantART

Isn’t she awesome? The artist behind these wonderful creations is Doonboy on deviantART. I selected Wonder Woman for my sketch and I can’t wait to pick her up in July! I think his style is a fun way to draw something that’s probably been sketched thousands of times. It certainly grabbed my attention!

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