Gam3rs The Play

San Diego Comic Con

Yup. Another event to add to your SDCC calendar. This time it’s another stage show, Gam3rs!

The hilarious hit one-man show of the New York International Fringe Festival has played to schools and theatres across the US and large audiences during Comic Con, daring to boldy go where no play has gone before-engaging students, theatre-goers, non-theatre goers, gaming geeks, and even senior citizens.

Reality-challenged gaming geek Steve Smolinski has 1 hour to save the world. If only he didn’t have to do it from his cubicle at work. Steve’s boss doesn’t understand that he really can’t work when he has an entire kingdom to save from evil elves. His girlfriend is upset that he forgot their two-year anniversary. His mother is angry because he forgot to apply for readmission to MIT. None of them get it – if he doesn’t retrieve the sacred relic, civilization could come crashing down. And if he saves the relic, he might just save himself in the process.

The play will be running the week of San Diego Comic Con and you can purchase tickets here. The show will be taking place at the 10th Ave. Theatre.

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