New Ghost Rider Movie To Attend Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con

After dealing with the frustration of buying passes and booking hotel rooms, the fun part of San Diego Comic Con is upon us! This is the 2nd piece of panel news to hit the internet this week. Yesterday it was reported that “The Amazing Spider-Man” was going to be at the Con and now we have word that the latest “Ghost Rider” movie will be there as well.

The directors announcing via their twitter page (@neveldinetaylor) that they’re bringing the movie to San Diego Comic Con with the following tweet “can’t wait to reveal the evolved GR…… comicon seems like a year away.” They posted a few other tidbits as well like “GRSOV update: this movie is fucking badass” and “not sure where the last one came from, but this GR comes from nightmares.”

Once an official announcement is made with more details we’ll be sure to pass the news along!

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