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Since it took awhile for this blog to get off it’s feet I thought it would be a good idea to go back and link to some posts from a few months ago. If you’re new to the blog I encourage you to check out the archives. You might find an interesting post or two!

Where To Send That Over-sized Swag!: Before I headed off to Comic Con 2010 I was able to score a “Burn Notice” swag shirt from 2009. It was an awesome shirt but like most shirt swag, way too big for me. This posts talks about how I had an awesome shirt turned into something that’s one of a kind thanks to SmarmyClothes.

Free Wi-Fi In The Gaslamp District: Back in November I found a post talking about free Wi-Fi being offered in the Gaslamp area! It’s good for two hours.

Spice Up Your Kindle With Marvel Skins: The title pretty much says it all!

Interview With A Cosplayer: Not to be confused with an interview with a vampire. Jessica was nice enough to answer a few questions about cosplaying!

That’s it for now! You can check out past posts by visiting the archives or checking out the tags in the sidebar or use the category drop down menu.

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