What are your Comic Con costs?

San Diego Comic Con

We’re working on writing up our own posts on what San Diego Comic Con has cost us but we’d love to be able to share costs from around the country and around the world!

Here’s a breakdown of what we’re looking for:

Travel Related: Airfare? Train? Gas?
Accommodations: Hotel? Rental? Family & Friends? Did you book with TP or on your own?
SDCC Costs: Badges? Exclusives? Photo Ops? Comics? Parking?
Other: Did you do anything else while in town? What about food?

You can be as detailed as you want or just provide a list. Just be sure to include where you’re traveling from and if you were able to split your costs with a group. If you were able to luck out with any special discounts like a frequent flyer program be sure to include that as well! If you’ve attended a few times over the years you’re more than welcome to provide information for each trip. We really think these posts will help others in planning their budgets for Comic Con.

You can send all emails to SDCCWhenNerdsAttack@gmail.com. If you have a blog or website feel free to include the address and we’ll be sure to include the link in your post! There’s no deadline on this!

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