Rollin’ With the V.I.P. – Part 3

San Diego Comic Con

We’ve got another batch of celebrity encounter photos to share! Let’s dive in!

I love this story about how reader Vicky snapped this pic!

Vicky & Chris Hardwick

Last year my group was lucky enough to get a room at the BayFront (and we’re ecstatic that we’re back there again this year!). While my roomie and I were making it back to the room on Sunday after our panels to wait for our other friends to return so we could go to dinner, we were walking in the lobby toward the elevator when I stopped dead in my tracks.

My friend bumped into my back and asked what was wrong. I looked over at her with wide eyes and said “That’s Chris
Hardwick!” Amazingly (and sadly, in my opinion) she didn’t know who he was. As I got over my shock at her lack of geek cred, I manned up and got the courage to approach him. I told him I’ve loved him for years, seeing him on G4 and ‘WebSoup’ and that he moderated several panels I’d seen at the con that year. He saw the camera and my hand and said ‘well then, you better get a picture or no one will believe this happened!’

Kerry Dixon shares this double celebrity gem:

With Danny & Donald from Community last year. Also got a hug and was “blessed” by Joel McHale, but sadly no photo.

Here are several pics from an NBC press party that my husband and I got invited to. Had I been able to stay longer I could have seen Chevy Chase, but as it was my eyes were full of stars!

Summer Glau & Bavarian Erin
Gillian Jacobs & Bavarian Erin
Danny Pudi & Bavarian Erin
Dan Harmon & Bavarian Erin
Bavarian Erin & Donald Glover
Bavarian Erin and Zachary Levi
Yvette Nicole Brown & Bavarian Erin
Donald Glover, Superfro (B.E.'s husband) and Gillian Jacobs
James Frain & Bavarian Erin

Meeting James Frain was incredibly exciting as I’m such a fan of his from The Tudors. I told him that I was a little starstruck since I’m “just a girl from Iowa” and he replied “Hey, sometimes we’re ALL just a girl from Iowa!” Gillian Jacobs was very personable and approachable. Summer Glau was OK with a photo but didn’t show any interest in talking. Danny Pudi was very funny, having mistaken me for someone who was in a group with some NBC bigwigs, including me in a photo they took and then laughing when he realized his mistake! Yvette was the sweetest and kindest person, making sure to introduce me to Zachary, who complimented my husband on his clothing.

If you have celebrity encounter photos to share, please send them along! We’d love to post them!


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