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SWAG! I don’t mean what the rappers are all talking about these days. I am talking about Stuff. We. All. Get. The con is littered with who knows how many tons of items that, for the most part, end up left in hotel room when you check out or in a drawer somewhere. But this is the stuff that just about anyone can get. The good stuff, the real good stuff, is hidden away though. I am talking about the stuff you find on eBay weeks and months after the con is over.

True Blood Panel Swag
True Blood Panel Swag
What I am on about is the Fulfillment Room. I have only been there once but I have my heart set on trying to get in again if I can. If you are at a panel that happens to give you a slip to redeem for some goodies then this is where you go. I am not 100% certain where it is this year but it was in the Marriott next to the convention center last year, in the back. I was at the Hawaii 5-0 panel and the slip earned me a T-Shirt when I redeemed it. Others cool items at the FR are for who attended for the Hall H Marvel Films panel received two t-shirts, one for Thor and the other for Captain America, and a cool bag consisting of a shirt, novel, notebook and other small items for those who went to the True Blood panel in Ballroom 20

Here are some things you need to know and prepare for.

1) Slip does not guarantee swag. There have been reports that people who tried to redeem items have have found that they were all given away. Try to make time to go to the foom ASAP after getting the ticket.

2) Make sure that the tickets make their way to you. Con volunteers will walk up and down the aisles handing a pile to the heads of each row and then they are told to pass it on down. The honor system would work in a perfect world but there will be greedy people. Make sure you keep and eye on them when they are passed down to ensure you get your prize.

3) There may be a long line at the Fulfillment Room. As with the 1,000 other long lines you will be in on any given day bring something or someone to keep you entertained.


  • Yes! last year after attending the Tangled panel with Glen Keane, we redeemed our tickets for limited Tangled Lithographs, one of the best items I got at SDCC!

  • I’ve never not been able to get something from the fulfillment room because they ran out. I’ve actually found that for the really big panels it makes sense to wait a while before trying to get in there so you don’t have to deal with an unnecessary long line. For example, I usually wait until early the next day to go after the True Blood panel swag because there is a HUGE crowd heading to get their goodies immediately after the panel gets out. After all, there’s enough waiting in line that has to be done already!

    And a tip for others: sometimes leftover fulfillment room swag it makes its way to the freebie table in the Sails Pavilion at the very end of Sunday.

  • I was lucky enough to get one of the ‘Haunted Mansions’ limited posters that were handed out last year. Sometimes you don’t actually have to GO to the panel to get the swag. We were handed the card while we were waiting IN LINE for the panel. We could have totally left at that point and still got it… but who would do that? Crazy people. That’s who.

    If the del Toro movie turns out as cool as people think, we’ve got an awesome, limited poster (only 999 were signed)!

  • I remember those people in the halls not passing tickets….second biggest annoyance next to “Seat Vultures”. 😀 I still got all the swag I wanted though, so I really shouldn’t complain.

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