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Swag!That’s right! It’s time to reward all of our loyal readers! Erin has been nice enough to offer up some past San Diego Comic Con swag for the prizes! She was going through her goodies and realized she had way too much stuff. She’s making boxes of swag from 2006 – 2010. Each box will have a guaranteed one Warner Bros Bag and at least one t-shirt (including Flynn Lives and Flynn’s Arcade shirts!) The rest of the box will be filled with stickers, magnets, comics and all sorts of other goodies from comics, movies, video games and TV shows! We are giving away TWO of these awesome prizes!

I know what you’re thinking, “What hoops am I going to have to jump through to win? and will they be on fire.” Don’t worry, we know all of you are busy planning for SDCC. We’re keeping it simple, just leave a comment telling us why you should win the swag! See, told you! I’m not sure it gets any easier than that. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone to San Diego Comic Con for years or if your a noob. Hell, we don’t care if you’ve never gone at all.

Be sure to get creative with your comments! Oh yeah, only one comment/entry per person. We have to keep it fair some how! The contest begins today, May 1st and end on May 15th. We can’t wait to read your comments!

More Swag! And even more swag!


  • This will be my first Comic-Con, but I’m jumping in with both feet. From Texas to California! Nerds unite!!
    I’ve never won anything so, this would kinda make my year.
    Hope to see ya at SDCC!

  • This is my second Comic Con, but I am not one of the hordes of Twilight fans screaming for Robert Pattinson. I did months of research before I went, and I’ve been doing my research for the 2011 convention pretty much since last July. My first day there last year, I was in line by 3:30 in the morning. I knew which hotel to catch the cast of Community and get a fistbump from Danny Pudi. I am hardcore about this, and that sort of determination/research deserves reward, right? That’s the geek way.

  • This is my second Comic Con. I’ve been prepping literally from the day we got back from last year’s. This year, I plan to sleep as little as possible and do everything I possibly can. As soon as the schedules come out, I’m going to make a spreadsheet with panels and backups for every day in an effort to get as much out of Con as I can. I’ve been saving money for two months already for Comic con, also. (I’m a teenager so I don’t make much money.) I think that this much effort deserves the box. On top of that, I live for swag. Last year, I took home 16 shirts, a 1/2 gallon bag of buttons, 2 poster tubes worth of posters, and maybe 20-30 lbs of other such stuff. I love swag! If I were to get a Flynn Lives shirts, well, I can’t really express in words how absurdly overjoyed I’d be. It would make my year. Good luck at Comic Con this year.

  • This year will be my 8th consecutive Con. I’m still just as excited as the first time, or at least very close to.

    I want to win because really, I covet the shirts from Flynn’s. Seriously. I missed the opening of Flynn’s in 2009 and then spent that Friday night and Saturday suffering and then recovering from a nasty bout of food poisoning (I do not recommend this as an addition to your SDCC weekend. At all) so I never made it over there. I did get to go last summer and I got my arcade tokens that I love, but those shirts are pretty much my holy grail of swag.

    And I love swag. I’ve had a contest in previous years with some of my con buddies to see who could collect the most freebie buttons on our lanyards by the end of the weekend (buying them is cheating, but other people sharing is ok). Our necks get awfully sore by Sunday night from all the extra weight around them but it’s totally worth it. My love for buttons is only slightly behind my love for free books and about the same as my love for free t-shirts. I love to get all those things. And it will be fun to compare this swag collection to my own and see what awesome things I missed.

    But I also share. Because sharing is important. So I’ll definitely try and spread the wealth if a box miraculously happened to come my way. Except for any shirts from Flynn’s. Those I will keep and love. FOREVER. And wear in July, of course.

  • This will be my third and possibly last Comic-Con I’m afraid. Not that I want it to be, it’s just getting more and more expensive to go every year. Which is sad because I absolutely love Comic-Con.

    I also have a swag deficiency! It’s a serious medical condition that I get very sick if I don’t get swag. So you see, I need that swag to live.

    See you at SDCC!!!

  • This year will be my first Comic Con, coming all the way from Northeast Pennsylvania. I’ve been saving for this trip for awhile now and I am beyond excited to actually make it!! Considering I’m a SDCC virgin, I’m grateful for your site and others giving awesome tips and info. I’d love to have a piece of pop culture history from Comic Cons past.

    Thanks & can’t wait to see everybody!

  • Since this is my 1st Comic Con, I would love to get a peek at the awesome stuff that I will get when I go. It is also close to my birthday and that would be one of the most amazing gifts I will get this year.

  • This will be my first Comic Con and I’m travelling all the way from Belfast in Northern Ireland to get there.

    For years I read and watched reports about comic con with envious eyes. Then last year as the date for registration opening in November neared I decided to treat myself to the best birthday present I could wish for (my birthday is in early November too), a trip to comic con in San Diego.
    I knew it would be expensive but you only live once and as a great doctor once said “Don’t dream it, be It”. I started saving, and as the registration date loomed ever closer the hope of a dream soon to be fulfilled started to burn within me. Then came the day of registration.
    I sat in front of my computer, watching the clock, waiting for the hour to arrive. The start of a journey I never really believed would happen soon to begin. But it appeared the fates were laughing at the plans of this mortal man. I don’t need to repeat the tale of what happened that day. The crashing of servers still rings in my ears during the long dark silences of the night.
    All was not lost, I was not alone in my frustration and registration was closed and would reopen again at a later date. I was to get another chance. The dull ember of hope could once again flare back into a flame.
    This new hope was rewarded and I was successful in getting a pass to the most holy of geek holies that is comic con. I have been smiling ever since and this prize of swag from comic cons past would surely be the crowning glory in the tale of how I got to Comic Con 2011!

    Your blog and others have been a shinning beacon leading me through the trials and pitfalls of preparing for this wondrous adventure. For that I thank you, and if we meet in far off San Diego (for me anyway) I hope to buy you drink so we may toast your health for many cons to come.

    • I deserve that swag because all my enemies happen to be recovering hoarders and I wanna sabotage them by giving them all that SWAG!!!

  • Not only will this be my first comic-con, but I am also going a year after a major surgery, I am even volunteering in a wheelchaie, I also convinced my parents and sister to come to san diego so they would pay for my flight. That kind of determination deserves a prize

  • This year was supposed to be my first year going to San Diego Comic – Con. Instead my girlfriend and I decided to create another little nerd who wil be coming a long about the time that everyone will be enjoyng the hall h sneak peeks and all this years free goodies. We on the other hand will be enjoying middle of the night feedings and projectile vomiting.

    Also I love your blog!

    J. Cloven

  • I’m a SDCC virgin so this will be my first comic con! Thanks to all the bloggers at when nerds attack for making sure I’m prepped for my trip AND for helping me pass the time a little more quickly because let’s face it, 3 months is still really really far away! I’d love to win some swag and especially the Flynn shirt so i can wear it to the con 🙂

  • I think I should win because I’m travelling all the way from England to go to Comic Con and it’s my first trip abroad in 13 years… I think the swag would help to calm my nerves somewhat!

  • The reason I should win is simple. I’ve gotten free stuff from one half it’s only fair I win stuff from Erin too.

  • ive love to win , mostly because ive never been to a big convention at least winning that flynn shirt will be cool :D, im going to comic con this year im so excited

  • I should win cause my awesome gf is letting me give her a geek make over for #sdcc ( her first time) and an epic geek tshirt shall come in handy. She has potential to me an awesome geek. She just needs a little help coming out of the closet. 🙂

  • Why? Because sadly, I have never been to SDCC and if I was fortunate enough to win said prize. I would upend box on my head and bask in the rain of goodies that is Comic-Con! Then I would then lie down and make a Comic-Con swag angel from it all while giggling with glee!

  • I’ve been to SDCC 3 times. Sadly, this year I am not going. To my shock, I am a total swag fiend. I got used to getting free t-shirts, wearing them to work, and having people who have no idea what SDCC is, asking me questions about them. SDCC combines my favorite tv shows, movies, authors, and artists into one giant nerdgasm. I would love any SDCC swag, it makes me happy.

  • This is my first comic con. I am coming from NC by myself. I always miss the swag everywhere I go. It’s a curse.

  • This will be my 2nd Comic Con, but my first solo. I’m leaving the baby & my hubby at home this year.

    Getting thru the lines & the convention floor with a stroller was a nightmare last year. Especially having to get out of line, or leave one of the big halls to go nurse. I didn’t get very many freebies, so winning a box would start this years Comic Con off with a bang.

    A Flynn shirt would be excellent to wear to the Con this year!


  • I need me a Flynn Lives shirt please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually, anything SDCC related would be much, much appreciated.

    SDCC…the Holy Grail of Nerdgasm!!

  • I’m going to fly over from Sydney, Australia for my first ever Comic Con. I built my whole trip to the States based on the timing of Comic Con – which just happens to be peak season (Yay for Comic Con, Boo for the price of flights!).

    And of course the joy of getting up at 4am and constantly refreshing my browser to try to get tickets in the first place.

    But it will definitely be worth it!

  • I’ve been going since the old days of Golden Hall (yep, I’m that old) but this year I’m taking my 5 year old for his first of what I feel confident will be many trips to come. Since he’s doing Sunday (kid’s day) he won’t have the opportunity to grab freebie goodies like everyone else (I imagine he’ll want to check out the kids cartoon/toy panels).

    + since he’s five, no matter what size the shirt is, eventually it will fit him!! (and will undoubtedly lead to another month of “Daddy, I want to live in the Grid”)

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