Blog Updates & Thanks!


With everything going on I didn’t get a chance to post about the new look here and some other little items. As you can see we have a new look here at When Nerds Attack. I think it’s more professional looking and a bit cleaner. I like that we’re able to share plenty of info on the front page without it looking a mess. I cleaned up the sidebar by putting the categories into a drop down menu to save on space and there’s a nice archives page as well. On the archive page you’ll see the latest posts along with all the categories and the monthly archive list. Hopefully this will help our visitors find what they need!

While you’re here don’t forget to check out the off site events page. Here you’ll find information on all the fun that’s going on outside the convention center. If you know of an event or you’re planning one and you want it added to the list just let us know and we’d be happy to add it!

Each author will now be posting under their own user info. You’ll be able to tell who wrote what by taking a look at the bottom of each post. I wanted to make sure everyone received credit for their articles plus it makes it easier for everyone to post! In most cases I’ll (B) still be the one hitting “publish” until everyone is comfortable being a user. If you want to learn more about us be sure to check out the updated About page.

Lastly I want to thank everyone for all the comments, compliments and submissions. Seriously, I didn’t expect this blog to take off like this. It’s really awesome to see all the interaction that’s going on! I want to send a big thanks to Erin and Mario. I never thought I’d have co-bloggers! I really appreciate all your posts and ideas!

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