Are you kidding me Hotel Solamar?

San Diego Comic Con

Imagine my shock and horror when I opened my email this morning and had an email from Hotel Solamar telling me that my reservation had been canceled. Yes, my San Diego Comic Con reservation. A reservation I made months ago. A reservation that hasn’t been touched since I made it.

Obviously I was pissed, confused, annoyed and angry. I got on the phone and ended up speaking with three different people, none who could help. They had no idea why it was cancelled. They couldn’t tell me if it could be fixed. What did they tell me? Oh, to call back Monday when the “In House” reservation employee is in. I tried to explain to them (all of them) that if I have to find another room for Comic Con, I’m pretty much screwed. I mean, really? A reservation can be cancelled on a weekend but it can’t be fixed? I can’t get an explanation as to what in the world happened?

Now I get to spend my weekend, Easter weekend, wondering what’s going to happen on Monday. Am I going to have a room? Am I screwed? Hopefully I won’t have to wait until Monday since I made sure to tweet about my problems, being sure to include Kimpton in my tweets. I found someone on Twitter who claims to be a CEO or someone with power there. I tweeted her to see if she can help in some way.

Sigh. I hope on Monday you’ll find a new post here saying everything was fixed.


Chris Elliott has taken on my case and hoepfully I’ll have some answers by the end of the day. I want to thank Chris and everyone who’s been commenting via Twitter! I’m trying to think positive thoughts!


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