BuffyFest VIP Experience @ Chicago Comic Con 2011


If your heart still beats for “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” you might want to check out the BuffyFest VIP Experience Chicago Comic Con 2011. It’s more expensive than most “VIP” packages, coming in at $339.99 (Why not make it $340 even?). What do you get for your hard earned cash?

Comic Con VIP’s get:
• 4-Day Weekend Pass to Chicago Comic Con
• BuffyFest VIP Badge
• BuffyFest Lithograph
• Guaranteed Seating at All Buffy Panels
• James Marsters Photo Op
• James Marsters Concert Ticket
• Julie Benz Photo Op
• Felicia Day Photo Op
• Nicholas Brendon Photo Op
• Kelly Donovan Photo Op
• Mercedes McNab Photo Op

If you’re really into the whole photo op thing, this might be for you. I did some rough math based on James Marsters and Julie Benz being $60 (based on JM being $60 at SDCC) each and everyone else $40 (just assuming on my part), you’d spend about $280 just on the photo ops. If you bought a 4 day pass to Chicago Comic Con, that would set you back $150. Now you’re at $430, roughly. So depending on how big of a “Buffy” fan you are, this might be the way to go.

You can find out more about Chicago Comic Con here. Expect a post in the future talking more about Chicago Comic Con and the various VIP Packages they offer.

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