w00tstock 3.0 In San Diego!

San Diego Comic Con

That’s right! On July 21st at Balboa Theatre you’ll be able to take in a night of geeks and music. Does it get any better? At the moment the website says the event starts at 7pm but I’m not sure all the information is final. I’ll keep an eye out for any changes though!

Not sure what w00tstock is? Here’s how they break it down:

Of course the only way to get the full experience is to attend a w00tstock for reals, but for spatial and temporal reasons that might not be practical for you. But we hope this page might give you the basic flavors.

For literalists, w00tstock is a live concert series that periodically appears in different cities:

* Hosted by Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton, and Paul and Storm
* Features different guest acts and short films in each city
* Has a mix of music; comedy; geeky short presentations; and thought-provoking stories
* Is scheduled to run roughly three hours, but YMMV
* Has a meet-and-greet reception with the hosts and guests after the performance

Or for the the metaphorically-minded, w00tstock is:

* Nerd Vaudeville / Geek Variety Show
* The best parts of a Convention rolled into a high-energy concert event
* A live celebration of all things nerd and geek

I’m not surprised they’ll be at SDCC since they were there last year and from the sounds of it, people had a blast. If you want to see more dates visit w00tstock.net.

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