Hotel Poll: How Did You Do?

San Diego Comic Con

Now that the some of the dust has settled, how did you fair in the mad dash for a hotel for San Diego Comic Con? I kept an eye on Twitter and saw many people tweeting about landing their 1st or 2nd choice. Then later in the day I was seeing reports of people ending up with a much lower choice or a hotel they didn’t select at all.

I didn’t want to make the poll too long so if your answer doesn’t fit, feel free to leave a comment! If you want, feel free to share what time you submitted your form and when you finally received your email.

The poll is open until March 18th.


  • Well I just got my reservation and I got the last hotel I asked for. I had my reservation in right when it opened and had asked for 16 different rooms and it would appear they picked my last choice which in my case was a mistake because it is one of the only ones without a shuttle. I would not have picked this if I had noticed it did not have a shuttle. It seems like they just picked the last choice first knowing it would be open. After the fiasco with getting a ticket and now this I cannot imagine why I would ever consider doing this again. The people that organize this are just so inept. I hate this whole thing at this point and can’t imagine that being there will make me any happier, knowing I now have to drive to comicon each day because the hotel I got does not have a shuttle and is 5 miles away.

  • Our group had four different people putting in requests. We had two people strictly choosing the Bay Front (our first choice) and giving not alternate options, and two of us had 8 different hotel choices.

    Myself and my husband had ours in within a minute of the hotels opening. I had 8 choices, he only had the Bay Front. Friend #1 had hers submitted within 4 minutes (with 8 choices) and Friend #2 had only the Bay Front and was submitted within 8 minutes.

    Friend #2 who’s request went LAST and ONLY had the Bay Front received her confirmation, getting the Bay Front. Friend #1, who had her request 2nd to last and had 8 different hotel choices, got our 5th choice.

    My husband and I still have not received our confirmations.

    What this says to me is that they are not going in order of ‘first come, first served’ like they claimed they would. It seems like they gave Friend #2 her choice b/c it was the only one she had listed, and Friend #1 got a hotel further down her list because she’d given alternate options.

    Why my husband and I, who got our forms submitted MINUTES before our friends, have still not received any confirmation is troubling. Luckily we got the hotel we wanted b/c of Friend #2’s confirmation, but it still seems fishy. And while we lucked out, there are lots of others who I’ve heard were utterly screwed.

    Just goes to show you that while we had a pretty easy-peasy day with SUBMITTING for the hotels, we should have expected there to be kinks/mistakes when it came time to actually GETTING the hotels.

  • Let’s see. We had six people trying for rooms, all choosing the same 20 hotels, in the same order. Here’s how our experience went down

    Person A, 9:03, #2 to get confirmation email, #5 to get hotel info, got hotel not on list
    Person B, 9:03 (after A), #1 to get confirmation email, #3 to get hotel info, got hotel #6
    Person C, 9:05, #3 to get confirmation email, last to get hotel info and had to call, got hotel not on list
    Person D, 9:08, #4 to get confirmation email, #2 to get hotel info, got hotel #10
    Person E, 9:12, #6 to get confirmation email, #4 to get hotel info, got hotel #7
    Person F, 9:14, #5 to get confirmation email, #1 to get hotel info, got hotel #3

    So we’ve already taken the reservation for hotel #3, so all those others will be opening up. The two not on our hotel list were too far away for walking, and the others were all about a mile away. But just from out group’s experience, the whole “first come, first served” was a bunch of bunk. I’m curious what actually happened – a random lottery? If that’s the case, it would’ve been nice to know that up front.

  • Well certainly does not give a guy with only 1 person submitting much of a chance of getting anything. Next year (if there is a next year, as I hate this whole process) I will just submit applications over and over. They say it is not necessary as they take them in order but I believe that to be a pile of crap. They obviously fill the easiest location of those given so it does not help to give more places but to submit the form more times. Not very happy or impressed with the organization.

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