SDCC 2011 Hotel Day

San Diego Comic Con

I kept an eye on Twitter yesterday afternoon (for those of us on the East Coast) to see how Hotel Day went and it seems that for the most part everything went smoothly at first. I did notice a few people tweeting about issues with the form and their browser. It seems that people using Chrome & Safari were the people having issues. I did notice complaints about the size of the button/link in order to get to the hotel reservation page. I agree. It was very small and I didn’t notice it at first. I think a few people here and there had loading issues but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the badge/ticket fiasco last month. It was a weird sense of calm though. It’s like geeks everywhere were just waiting for the other shoe to drop. It couldn’t be that easy, could it?

Then the tweets starting rolling in from people who were already receiving their hotel email to review. The first email basically had a list of your choices and all your information. They wanted everyone to look over their lists to make sure everything was correct. Some people didn’t have any issues while others did. Some noticed hotels were missing from their lists. I saw people tweet that they had them down for the wrong number of rooms or nights. It seemed that while the selecting and form process went smoothly on our end, we aren’t too sure it went smoothly on the Travel Planner side of things. I saw people freaking out because of the very high reservation numbers that were going around. I found a nice and simple explanation of that at Con-Com in Comic-Con Land. She works in the hotel industry and explained the numbers:

So; why the big discrepancies between numbers? Travel Planners books hundreds of rooms and room types and events all over the place. They are a large company and a great asset to Comic-Con. There ability to quickly sift through thousands of requests and ping them back as data to e-mail addresses world wide is really quite something. The numbers they use to identify us however, really mean nothing at current. A computer system may be using them to track priority on different hotel locations and orders (lets say for instance, everyone who picked the Hard Rock as their #1 choice has a confirmation of 11,000 while people who chose The Westgate have a 43,000,000,000 confirmation number) but since we have none of that data in our hands, it’s pure speculation. The wide variety of numbers however, does not account for “placement” in line. Something else must be telling Travel Planners that data.

I recommend you go check out the blog to read the whole post! It’s nice to read something from the point of view of someone who works in the hotel/booking industry.

In the end though, Hotel Day ended just like Registration Day, with a sell out. Well, what seems to be a sell out at the moment anyway. Housing is closed but once people cancel reservations and select a final hotel there will be more openings.

How did Hotel Day go for you? Was your email correct? Are you still waiting for an email? Let me know in the comments!


  • Everything seemed to go well. No loading issues or errors on confirmation email (besides the missing last 8 hotels). I was embarrassed when it took 2 minutes to find the link

  • Hotel day went very smooth. I noticed an error in my confirmation (leaving on the 17th?) That was fixed this morning and half an hour ago I got my first choice hotel.

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