The WB Booth Nightmare

San Diego Comic Con

If you were at San Diego Comic Con last year you probably noticed the chaos that surrounded the WB Booth. It was to be expected with the stars they featured but there’s no excuse for the lack of planning. I didn’t even bother trying to get anything from the WB Booth. It was such a mess and I wasn’t going to waste precious SDCC minutes. Well, I’m not the only one who thought it could have been handled better. I’d like you to meet Jennifer who started the Warner Bros. Comic Con Booth Horrible Facebook page. As of right now the page has 360 “fans.” I asked Jennifer to do a little interview to learn more about her cause and see if she’s been able to get anyone’s attention.

First, tell me a little about your mission:

Our mission from the start was to make the WB Comic Con booth a better and more fan friendly place to visit. Last year there were no official lines to stand in and the contracted workers were not very knowledgeable about the booth they were working. It had become a safety hazard and lead to a few minor injuries.

Have you had a lot of support from other fans?

It started out with 3 of us who had a bad experience and now it’s turned into over 350 people. There has been both positive and negative feedback on the page. I don’t remove any of the comments of people who don’t agree with me, I have tried to make it a place where ALL opinions are heard. Mostly though, fans have been supportive and almost always have a good suggestion to add to the list.

In which ways have you tried to get your point across to the WB?

The booth workers and security told us to send emails. We emailed, Tweeted and even sent letters via snail mail. Since the experience at Comic Con, I pretty much boycotted all things associated with Warner Bros; movies, television shows on the CW and HBO, the works. I finally got an answer after emailing Comic Con directly. After they passed on my letter to the WB reps, they responded immediately. I was pretty amazed at how quickly they contacted me and we are still in contact.

What did you suggest to them in order to make the booth run more smoothly?

There were lots of suggestions on the site and the WB took about a week to look over all suggestions. First off we suggested a clear and obvious designated place for people to line up. We also suggested making all signings ticketed events and possibly moving them off the exhibit hall. I know for a fact they are not going to move the signings but that they do intend to use some of the suggestions posted onto the site.

You said they’ve been responsive, what have they said?

The WB has been great once they realized I have been trying to contact them. I have been in contact with the lady in charge of Audience Development as well as someone from Marketing. They are planning on making an official statement and will be launching the site for their Comic Con booth in March. I can’t give any details but can say they really have been listening to their fans. They are working really hard to make it a fan friendly experience and address all the concerns of their fans. I have to say, they have impressed me and have given me hope for their booth this year!

Thanks again Jennifer for the interview! It’s great to see they actually care about what the fans think. I’ll be interested to see what changes they make. The only autograph line I waited in network wise was CBS and I really had no issue with them. They had a set number of people allowed and everyone had a sticker to show they were counted for. Since the CBS booth was close to the front of the hall they had us wait outside of the hall and once it was time they marched us in. It was a bit of a challenge to go against the flow but it worked. The only time I remember seeing a crowd gather and block the flow of traffic was when LL Cool J was signing. It seems that even a convention center full of nerds love LL Cool J.

It seems that this story is picking up some steam! You can find another article, Warner Brothers At Comic Con: The Untold Story over at Geekscape.

Added: 3/4

After the other article popped up I asked Jennifer if there was anything she wanted to add. She informed me that she had no idea about the other article and that they’ve must have found the letter on a website she started but didn’t keep up with. She also added:

I have been in contact with Lisa G and a Jodi Flicker who is VP of Audience Development. I have even spoke to Jodi live over the phone and she is the one who said they would like to launch ads and such showing they are listening to the fans. The writer has obviously talked to Lisa but like I said, I had no clue until the article link popped up on the Facebook page. I was shocked to say the least. They most likely got my letter from the website I created but never really kept up with. I decided to concentrate my efforts to the Facebook page. The craziest part is the support I am getting from the fans, our number have jumped from almost 350 last week to 416 was the last count.

Jennifer also stated “They kinda make me sound like a crazed Twilight/vampire fan. The other thing that bothered me was they acted like for me, everything was resolved. Am I glad WB is listening? Yes. Are all the issues resolved? I can’t say yes or no until we have seen these changes in action. So, we will just have to wait and see.”



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