Comic Con Staying In San Diego Into 2015

San Diego Comic Con

While wasting time on Twitter I came across this article, Comic Con Staying In San Diego.

If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing here are some interesting/important parts:

Comic-Con, that whimsical show that for decades has been delivering costumed superheroes and Hollywood celebs to town, will be here five more years, ending months of speculation that San Diego’s largest convention might head north to Anaheim or Los Angeles where hotel rates are cheaper and exhibit space more plentiful.

Ultimately, Comic-Con International’s decision to stay, which will be announced Friday morning, hinged on detailed contracts negotiated with the 64 convention block hotels committing them to prescribed, discounted rates through 2015. Concerns had arisen in recent years that some local hotels took undue advantage of the enormously popular event by charging excessively high rates, especially in downtown where rooms sell out quickly during the four-day July confab.

Recognizing Comic-Con’s more immediate need for added space for exhibitors and the more than 130,000 attendees that flood the city, San Diego’s three waterfront hotels — the Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego Marriott and Hilton San Diego Bayfront — committed to providing roughly 300,000 square feet of their meeting space free of charge in 2013 through 2015. In addition, the Convention Center Corp., working with local hotels, was able to double the number of dedicated convention hotel rooms to roughly 14,000.

I’m sure more information and articles will start popping up once the announcement is official. I know it’s been a huge and heated debate. The thought of Comic Con moving was the talk of various San Diego Comic Con communities. I know many felt that it would end up moving to Anaheim. Honestly, if it did move I’m not sure I’d still want to go. I wouldn’t mind visiting that area for a day or two but not for a week. Granted, I’ve never been to that part of CA and this past SDCC was my 1st but I really enjoyed San Diego. I can see why the city would want to keep it. It brings in big bucks and there’s a history.

What do you think about the news?


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