Things I Learned After My 1st Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con

Since this was my first Comic Con I knew that I’d learn a few things along the way. Let’s break it down.

The number one thing I learned is to not focus on what you missed but focus on what you were able to see. If you sat there and whined and complained about what you missed you’d obviously have a horrible time. You need to focus on what you did see and enjoy. Would I have liked to make it to more of the autograph signings? Of course but I would’ve been annoyed if I had missed the surprises that some of the panels had. It’s impossible to see everything and you need to know this going into Comic Con. If you can’t handle that then don’t go.

I left my laptop at home because I didn’t think I’d have the time to use it plus it’s a pain in the ass to carry around (it’s a 17″ screen). I think I’d invest in a netbook if I went again since they aren’t that much. I didn’t realize there would be times where I’d be sitting in a line for three hours and that can get pretty boring when you have nothing to do. Plus it would’ve been helpful to keep up with the changing schedules.

Downtown. I’d stay Downtown next time. It would’ve been nice to been able to just walk across the street and relax for a bit or jump in the shower to wake yourself up. Plus you do save money on a rental car and parking but really, that extra money saved would’ve just sent into the more expensive downtown room. In the end though I think it would’ve been worth it.

I’d give myself a few extra days in San Diego. Yes, I went there for the purpose of Comic Con but I would’ve liked to have seen the Zoo and checked out a beach or two. I’ve already planned to go for 8 days next year. This will give us more time to explore and give my bio clock time to adjust. Who knew a 3 hour time difference was that big of a deal?

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