The Crowds

San Diego Comic Con

I thought I had a good idea about what to expect crowd wise at SDCC but nothing could’ve prepared me for those four days I spent at the convention center. Just imagine 125,000 people. Now add strollers, huge bags, giant cameras, oversized costumes, scooters and attitudes. Oh and lines, we can’t forget the numerous lines.

All kidding aside, it was bad but it wasn’t that bad. I’ll admit though by Sunday I was done with crowds and we just stayed at the hotel. I didn’t want to see anymore people or lines. It did make for great people watching though as you saw numerous super heros, villians and WTFs walk by. It really is amazing the time, effort and money people put into their costumes. Of course for every amazing costume you saw someone who obviously doesn’t have a mirror and has friends who lie.

The best place to get a feel for the crowd is the Exhibit Hall/Floor. That’s where all the booths are set up and where some signings and photo ops take place. This is where you’ll deal with everything Comic Con has to offer. You’ll have people who suddenly stop, who go against the flow of traffic and who hit you with their giant bags because they forgot they now take up twice the space they normally do. You’ll see lines and more lines. You’ll see random groups here and there. That normally means that someone is signing, a celeb has been spotted or someone is rocking an awesome costume.  The Hall is a great place to see just how many different types of people attend Comic Con. You have the people in costume, men in suits, kids & teens, couples & singles, families, fanboys/fangirls and just about every other walk of life that you can imagine. It really is mindblowing!

Here are a few pictures of the crowds and lines that I encountered during SDCC.
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These pictures really don’t do the crowds justice. It really is something you need to see to believe. Here’s a few pictures I found on Flickr that were taken outside of the convention center.

Comic Con 2010:
Credit: earthdog

The Crossing
Credit: KelsonV

Crazy, right?  Plus outside you have people who might not have passes to Comic Con but came down anyway to just hangout downtown and perhaps have a chance encounter with a celeb or two.  I still can’t believe I survived!

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