SDCC 2011: On Sale November 1st @ 9am

I’m a member of a SDCC group on FB and recently a member posted that he found out that 2011 San Diego Comic Con passes will go on sale November […]

Saturday Is Read Comics In Public Day!

That’s right! This Saturday, August 28th, is Read Comics in Public Day! I’m tardy to the party but I just found out about it via Twitter a few days ago. […]

Prepare Now For SDCC 2011

It might sound silly but I’m pretty serious. If you’re considering going to San Diego Comic Con next year start planning and saving money now. I’ve heard that passes will […]

Baltimore Comic Con 2010

I’m still not 100% sure if I’m going to check out Baltimore Comic Con when it comes to town August 28th and 29th. If I do attend I’ll be going […]

SDCC San Diego Hilton Bayfront

I asked around on Twitter for some hotel reviews from Comic Con. Mark was the first person to respond and I’m greatful for this great review! Thanks again Mark! If […]

Close Encounters Of The Celebrity Kind

It’s safe to say everyone who goes to Comic Con hopes to run into a celebrity or two. The reality is it’s really easy to run into someone while walking […]

The Comic Con Foursquare Badge

I was hoping Comic Con would offer special Foursquare Badges like SXSW does but as it got closer to Comic Con and I didn’t see any reports I figured it […]

The Big Bang Theory At Comic Con

Here’s another right up from Melinda! This time for The Big Bang Theory. Barb asked me to write up a review/synopsis of The Big Bang Theory’s panel….but I just don’t […]